Enrollment for the ANIMATE: The ACTS Summer Dance Workshops 2012 starts on February 10!

Classes start on March 31 (Batch 1) and May 1 (Batch 2). Here is the schedule of classes at the ACTS Studio:

summer workshops manila

Age requirements:
Hiphop Kids: 4 years old
Ballet 1: 6 to 8 years old
Baby Ballet: 3 to 5 years old

Want to attend our summer dance workshops near you? We will announce additional workshop venues soon!

Keep visiting our website www.actsacademy.com for updates! You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Our dance studio is located at the Mezzanine Floor Left Wing GA Tower 1 EDSA cor Boni Avenue Mandaluyong City (in front of Boni MRT Station, top of Pizza Hut). For more info, call 7194062 or email studio@actsacademy.com.

74 Responses to Summer Dance Workshops at the ACTS Studio

  1. Sharmaine Kate Loyola says:

    Can I enroll for summer class on April? Or is it strictly this February? Maybe not for a curriculum-based program but an open program.

    • ACTS Academy says:

      Hi Sharmaine, summer classes will start on April (curriculum-based classes), but you can already enroll as early as now.

      If you want to enroll for our open (non curriculum) dance classes, registration is ongoing so you can simply enroll anytime you want. Thanks!

  2. Katrina says:

    How is Hiphop (Beginn) different from Breakdance? I’m around 12 and I love dancing. And what songs do you usually dance to for hiphop/breakdance? Thank you :-)

    • ACTS Academy says:

      Hiphop Beginner focuses more on basic dance moves, while Breakdance focuses more on breakdance stunts and moves. We use different songs, most are danceable hiphop songs! :)

  3. Dela Cruz says:

    Can I enroll for ALL hip hop classes at the same time?

    • Dela Cruz says:

      Oh. And can I enroll for both batches? I really want to do nothing but dance this summer ^_^

      • ACTS Academy says:

        Hi! Yes you can enroll in as many classes as you want. You can take them all in one batch or in two batches. Your first class will be Php4000 (Php3800 if you avail of the early bird promo and enroll before Feb 29). Additional classes will only be Php3000. See you!

  4. Bheck Plana says:

    Any other venue other than Edsa Area coz we live at Taytay Rizal… thanks

  5. seirah says:

    Hi, I want to enroll my bestfriend in Hiphop dancing. But he’s already 23. He has background in dancing, but I dont think he already knows some the basic moves. And I think he only has SAT/SUN freetime for this lessons. What do you think? Is hiphop beginner good for him? Or any other suggestion?

    • ACTS Academy says:

      Hi Seirah! He can join our Hiphop Beginner open class every Saturday 9am, and Sunday 10am. However, if he wants to join an intensive curriculum-based dance class, he can join our summer workshops beginning March 31. They will also have a recital at the end of the summer workshops. The schedules are posted here: http://www.actsacademy.com/blog/?p=210

      • seirah says:

        That’s good. Until when is the enrollment? Can I send my payment on March 30? Through bank? So that he can join the March 31 start of the curriculum class. Though I hope there’s still open slot for him on that date.

        • ACTS Academy says:

          Hi Seirah, enrollment will stop once the slots are full. Yes, you can pay through bank on March 30, but please call the studio first to check if there is still a slot for the class that you want him to join.

  6. Renz says:

    If I enroll in 3 classes, would it be 11,400 or 11,800?

    • ACTS Academy says:

      We offer a Php1000 discount everytime you enroll in additional class. If you enroll in 3 classes on or before Feb 29 (to avail of the early bird rate):
      1st class = Php3800
      2nd class = Php3000
      3rd class = Php3000
      TOTAL: Php9800

      However, if you enroll after Feb 29, the rate will be:
      1st class = Php4000
      2nd class = Php3000
      3rd class = Php3000
      TOTAL: Php10000

      This is only valid for a single user, meaning all class cards must be under one name and used only by the same person (such as yourself). Thank you and see you at the studio!

  7. Kim says:

    Does Hiphop Beginner during TTHSat and the one during Sat&Sun really have the same time? I wanted to enroll for those two..

    • ACTS Academy says:

      Hi Kim, Yes they have the same schedule every Saturday, as they will have a joint production on the recital. If you are planning to enroll under 2 classes, I suggest you take up Hiphop Beginner and a different class such as Breakdance, Jazz Funk or KPop.

      • Kim says:

        So would it be ok if i take Hiphop Beginner and Intermediate at the same time? Or should it be another kind of class?

        • ACTS Academy says:

          Yes, it’s okay to take Hiphop Beginner and Intermediate at the same time. The total tuition fee will be:
          1st class = Php4000
          2nd class = Php3000
          TOTAL: Php7000.
          We give a Php1000 peso discount if enroll for a 2nd class. :)
          See you!

  8. Kim says:

    Does Hiphop Beginner during TTHSat and the one during Sat&Sun really have the same time? I wanted to enroll for those two but the time is the same

  9. annie says:

    hi! i just want to ask if there are still available slots for the 1st batch of baby ballet. im going to enroll my 4-year old kid. thanks!

  10. Basil says:

    Hey, I was part of the DT back in grade school, but that was about 6 years ago. I love to dance. I really want to join my university’s DT next school year, so I was wondering if there were any more slots for Batch II under Intermediate Hiphop (or would you recommend Begginer Hiphop?)

    • ACTS Academy says:

      Hi! I would recommend you take Hiphop Beginner still to refresh your skills. There are still a lot that you can learn from the class. Yes, there are still slots but I suggest you enroll as soon as you can, because most Batch 1 students may take the class again for Batch 2. :)

  11. jacob says:

    will you have classes in ateneo or anywhere near katipunan area this 2012.

  12. Aya Cortez says:

    hi! i wanna ask…what are the difference of beginner, intermediate and advance hiphop class? i mean i know how to dance but i dont know where to categorize myself, so i dont know which class will i enroll to. help please

    • ACTS Academy says:

      Beginner will cover basic movements. It is advisable that you take intermediate class if you have background already in dancing, or if you have taken several of our regular or open dance classes. ;)

  13. Lin says:

    Are there still slots for Hiphop Beginner and Lyrical? I want to enroll my child but we live in QC. A nephew of mine who took classes here said that you have a studio here in QC. May I know if that is true?

  14. algen says:

    I’d like to know who’s going to teach your Voice Course. When does it start for summer class?


  15. Anna says:

    When enrolling are we allowed to pay by check or does it have to be cash?

  16. Trisha Elizarde says:

    When will classes for june and july be posted?

  17. Katherine Cruz says:

    Hi, I’m interested to join the summer workshop. Do you still have workshops in cubao?

  18. Annika Dy says:

    What is the schedule for the Batch 2 Break Dance For Girls??? Please Reply A.S.A.P

    Thanks :)

  19. Annika Dy says:

    Can I arrange any other schedule for break dance classes?? I don’t think I Will be free on Sundays. So……Is there any other schedule?? I really want to have those classes.
    Please Reply A.S.A.P :D

    Thanks Again :DD

  20. Jullianne says:

    ahm..Hello., I really wanted to learn ballet dancing but I’m already 16 can I still avail for ballet lessons despite my age?

  21. Kristella says:

    Hi, I’m planning to enroll in your hiphop intermediate class but I got quite confused about the difference of the curriculum based workshop and the open classes… I was wondering which of the classes have the recital. help please!

  22. Andy says:

    Hi there! When will be the deadline for enrollment for Batch 2 (May. 01)?

  23. Andy says:

    Do you have any workshop venue here in Novaliches, Quezon City? Thanks. :)

  24. Andy says:

    Is there an early bird promo for batch 2? Thanks. :)

  25. Andy says:

    Could siblings planning to enroll can avail a discount? Please reply asap. Thank you. :)

  26. lois liquiran says:

    hi. when will you have workshops in sta. lucia? because i really want to enroll for summer dance class but my problem is, the workshops i want to enroll in are very far from where i live (marikina). thanks :)

  27. Rachelle Zabala says:

    Is enrollment/registration for batch 2 open? thanks!

  28. Hann says:

    Hi! Is ACTS in PuregoldMolito Alabang also your venue for summer workshop? Do
    you also offer baby ballet there? Thanks.

  29. Angel Ranile says:

    Hii :) It’s only for summer? I wanna enroll but I received this news that it’s only for summer. I’m a new discovery of Arts Academy and I thought it starts on June. I was about to be enrolled in hiphop (beginner). So, does it mean that I’m not allowed to enroll anymore? Is it every summer? Do you have 2013 classes? :) Thanks Xx

  30. Iza Rodriguez says:

    do you have workshops to be specific hip hop dance workshops until now? and near bacoor, cavite or alabang? please reply asap. :) thanks.

    • ACTS Academy says:

      Hi Iza! We offer dance workshops at our studio in GA Tower, EDSA cor Boni Avenue (in front of MRT Boni station). You can visit our studio soon, especially if you have easy access to the MRT.

  31. Jana says:

    Hi I really loved dancing when I was still young. I am now 27 but would wanna try to dance again :) both for fun and fitness purposes. Will your Hiphop Beginners class still cater to people my age? :)

  32. Lenie Toribio says:

    Hi . I’m Lenie from Manila. I’m 16 yrs. old and I really love dancing. Can i ask a question? Do you still have a slot for HipHop Beginner and where, when will I pay for the fee?
    Oh. before I forgot, Is there any forms or requirements I have to fill-up or bring on your studio?

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